The first time you sniff it, it might hurt your nose


Here are a few things I know about Beanie Sigel:

He’s from Philadelphia. He’s been to jail many times. The covers of all three of his studio albums show him posing inside or directly outside of some type of jail. On his first two albums, he had songs called “What Your Life Like” and “What Your Life Like Pt. II” where he snarled stuff like “What you know about a jailhouse hunger strike? Or hearing grown men moan at night?” He’s pudgy. Jadakiss, in a shortlived rap battle, pointed out that Sigel was a “fat smelly motherfucker.” Beanie muttered a few threats back, but didn’t bother to correct him.

He really really likes fellow Philadelphian and gremlin-voiced rapper Peedi Crakk (who tried changing his name to Peedi Peedi to be more kid-friendly and then changed it back when he realized this was stupid.)

Sometimes Beanie rhymes the same word with the same word, a la “Don’t talk shit sideways outta your mouth/I’ll slap spit sideways outta your mouth.” “Spit” is a very apt metaphor for how Beanie raps: I wouldn’t want to be near him in a recording booth. Last April he canceled a rare Knitting Factory show because of an “emergency toothache.”

His next and rumored to be last album, “The Solution,” is scheduled to drop this summer. One song samples “War Pigs” by Sabbath. You should maybe go buy that.


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One response to “The first time you sniff it, it might hurt your nose

  1. doorknobs

    Where’s that “War Pigs” track, son????

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