Harmony In Ultraviolet: Paranoia and WTF on a Sunday Night

So. Tonight. Started out with too many sports and one too many energy drinks. En route to “classic” Metal Night, it was The Studio’s Yearbook 1 (which, btw, is top five 2007). Night-is-young type of gently wistful 80-y Cure-in-Ibiza. Simple enough and figuring the night will be like any other late start. A drink or two and the trudge home. It’s what I expect at the bar: Kill ‘Em All, Faith No More, Sabbath. Work habit discussions, bar regular introductions, leftover whiskey. A slight tipsy, a longer-than-expected stay. Graceful exit around 2.

Start again with Yearbook, but even before leaving, I have Tim Hecker’s Harmony in Ultraviolet on the mind. Can’t say why. Yearbook comes off after 1/2 a block and the almost aggressive ambience of Harmony replaces. The whiskey tipsy already hits with a general weightlessness, etc, but something is going on now. It’s 2am on a Sunday, so obviously very few cars and even fewer street-walkers. I’m not keeping track of song changes, etc (a. cuz it’s ambient, who cares; b. cuz shit starts to HAPPEN, so, like, don’t jinx it).

There is a DISTORTION to this ambience that is unusual. It’s penetrating; unsettling; the first car I see is a cop car. One block later, another. No one on the streets. Huge, Ft. Greene townhouses each have one light on.

I’m walking and noticing EVERYTHING. It honestly feels like drugs; like an acute awareness offset with a certain loss of faculties. A new track starts and it’s like a movie, but, seriously (this is important), NOT CLICHE like it sounds. A simple three “chord” “melody” repeated. It drudges. It’s MONOTONOUS; pounding. I keep (KEEP) thinking that there is WAY too much artificial light. Abrasive street lights and supermarket signs. Bodega fake Christmas lights.

Two teenagers out of the corner of my eye coming from a Pratt dorm.

55 degrees; 2:12am.

The next track. I don’t want to break the “spell” – it seems important somehow. But I last only 10 or 15 seconds. It is unbearably and undeniably SCARY. I have to skip ahead.

By now I’m floating and I’m DESPERATELY trying to cram the images, sensations, facts, thoughts, circumstances, bullshit, etc. into some sort of permanence in my head-thing. I know I will lose it, but I figure I’ll “stream” it (as cheesy and DUH as that is).


Just listen.



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2 responses to “Harmony In Ultraviolet: Paranoia and WTF on a Sunday Night

  1. e-z(ra) = dork

    I used to get these kind of reactions in the daytime walking around Jersey listening to Aphex Twin. I’d suddenly be inspired to run or walk very, very slowly. Either one would be an attempt to freeze and get the most out of that moment.

  2. Totally love this piece. When I worked at a camp several years back i would take walks around the woods at night. I got accustomed to walking around after dark without a flashlight. Anyways one night i really felt like listening to Boards of Canada’s Geogaddi it was an amazingly freaky listen but a memorable experience none-the-less.

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