Kanye West doesn’t care about black people.

Seriously, wtf is with the moment in the otherwise-gorgeous “Flashing Lights” (my favorite track by far on the new one) where lovelorn ‘Ye speaketh that the pain in his heart is “like Katrina with no FEMA,” and then follows it up with “Like Martin with no Gena”? Is this not the biggest trivialization of Katrina yet put to rhyme? It’s got some serious competition, like when Wayne rhymes “It’s been a year since Katrina hated.” (Yes, that’s what it did. It “hated” on New Orleans. That’s what “hateration” feels like. Like an entire city wiped out. Think about THAT next time you post “Wayne iz gay” on Nahright.com). JUELZ FUCKING SANTANA managed a more trenchant line about Katrina: “Wayne, I feel your pain and I see your stress/How your people s’posed to make it through Katrina off of FEMA check?”

At least those two lines are ABOUT Katrina. Kanye takes a personal inconvenience — getting caught cheating on his (beautiful) fiancee with some (likely also beautiful) groupie chick — and compares it to the a fucking near-Biblical natural disaster. I mean, why stop there!?

“When I read comments about me on SOHH.com, it’s exactly like 9/11.”


“When I didn’t win that MTV Video Music Award, which has all the value of a “World’s Best Dad” mug, it felt precisely like the abuse suffered by the prisoners at Guantanamo.”


“When everyone made fun of me for wearing that lavendar tuxedo to the Grammys last year, it kind of reminded me of what Nelson Mandela went through.”





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2 responses to “Kanye West doesn’t care about black people.

  1. doorknobs

    Juelz, if yr reading this, please please start describing yr rap skills as “trenchant.”

  2. How about: ‘As I stormed around that luxury suite during the VMAs / I thought how this must be what 9/11 rescue workers feel when their insurance gets denied’

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