Regret is beatific.

And “Someone Great” is great. This might be my record of the year, which is an annoying, critic-y way of saying that I hold it lovingly to my chest and will probably treasure it for years. The song has a gorgeous, sighing rhythm, stemming from the gossamer layer of white noise that pulses quietly in the foreground. Gently insistent, it lulls you with its drowsy rhythm and frustrates your efforts to clearly hear the song all at once — the proceedings, as a result, seem both distorted and somewhat remote. “The Dream of Evan and Chan” played a similar, bewitching trick on your senses, as it seems to emerge from nothingness and dematerialize into the ether. Murphy sketches the acute pain and dazed bemusement immediately following an incomprehensible loss in fine, vivid strokes:

I wake up and the phone is ringing

Surprised, as its early

And that should be a perfect morning

Then, something’s a problem

To tell the truth, I saw it coming

The way you were breathing

But nothing can prepare you for it;

The voice on the other end …

Then he trails off pensively, and you’re left with a burbling keyboard riff while you ponder everything else the narrator might be thinking. The song doesn’t raise goosebumps because it doesn’t contain any epiphanies, just a wistful, clear-eyed sigh of regret.


Rick Ross has nothing to do with this post.



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8 responses to “Regret is beatific.

  1. J Beaumont

    am i retarded for not having any idea who murphy is or what the fuck you are talking about?

  2. i had to google it also. HYPERLINKZ YO.

    I totally dig that NY I Love You song. Although Bloomberg isn’t acting like a king.

    There is a Joel Plaskett song called “I’d rather be deadly than dead” which I’ll write about one of these days on mindless idiot that is a fav of mine which is totally “clear-eyed regret”. I’LL LINK YOU UP.

  3. Jay

    Who the mother eff is Joel Plaskett?? Someday a mindless idiot will tell me …

    Btw, per JB’s suggestion, I’m considering changing my handle to “Sheek Rachmaninov.”


  4. amazing – i’ll swap some stuff around tomorrow n’ shit

  5. makes me think…wtf is “louch”?

  6. hi rick ross,fat man i like you.
    thanks nigga
    watz up nigga?
    am from da blackz in africa .

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